High School students who are interested in mentorship and research with myself or other SBU faculty, below are two programs that I actively participate in. These programs are handled separately by Stony Brook University with respective admissions criteria and guidelines. Acceptance are handled by a separate and independent admissions committee.

Simons HS Program

Established in 1984 as an outreach program for local high school students, the Simons Summer Research program now attracts applicants from all across the country to the Stony Brook campus: Simons Fellows are matched with Stony Brook faculty mentors, join a research group or team, and assume responsibility for a project. The Simons Fellows conclude their apprenticeship by producing a written research abstract and a research poster.

Note: Interested students may send me an email as well as list me down as a potential mentor. This program is highly competitive so if you are unable to gain acceptance and still interested in doing research, please contact me!

Link: See program details for further information.

CSIRE HS Program

Computer Science and Informatics Summer Research Experience Program (CSIRE) is a summer program to provide opportunities for high school students to participate in research and motivate the students to pursue a career in the field. CSIRE. The program is held jointly by the Department of Biomedical Informatics and the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. Each student will be working in a lab mentored by a faculty or a Ph.D. student on a research project. Students will also visit labs and attend seminars introducing cutting edge research in both informatics and computer science. The students will present their work to their classmates during the middle and the end of the program. Programming background is required and some projects will require background on biomedical sciences.

Note: Through gracious support under the National Science Foundation CAREER program, we are offering a scholarship for in-need veteran dependents covering all costs for this program. Please email me or the CSIRE program for further details.

Link: See program details for further information.

Note: U.S. Veteran Dependents

If you are a dependent of a U.S. Veteran living in the Long Island region (Gold Star parents, active duty, retired), please reach out to me via email with a clear designation to explore research opportunities. Opportunities may exist for veteran dependents outside of the above program and preferred status is given (in my lab) to such individuals applying to above programs.

Note: We are constantly looking to assist this community so please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always willing to provide guidance in a variety of manners to better serve this population.

Link: Please send me an email at romeil.sandhu (@) stonybrook.edu.