Sam Dambreville, Romeil Sandhu, Tony Yezzi, and Allen Tannenbaum
Computer Vision–ECCV 2008. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2008. 169-182.
Publication year: 2008

In this work, we present a joint approach to segment a 2D image and estimate its 3D pose using the knowledge of a 3D model. Our methodology differs from the standard monocular 3D pose estimation algorithms since it does not rely on local image features. Instead, we use global image statistics to drive the pose estimation process. This confers a satisfying level of robustness to noise and initialization for our algorithm, and bypasses the need to establish correspondences between image and object features. Moreover, our methodology possesses the typical qualities of region-based active contour techniques with shape priors, such as robustness to occlusions or missing information, without the need to evolve an infinite dimensional curve.