Jehoon Lee, Romeil Sandhu, and Allen Tannenbaum
Computer Vision and Image Understanding 117.8 (2013): 922-933.
Publication year: 2013

In this paper, we address the problem of 2D–3D pose estimation. Specifically, we propose an approach to jointly track a rigid object in a 2D image sequence and to estimate its pose (position and orientation) in 3D space. We revisit a joint 2D segmentation/3D pose estimation technique, and then extend the frame- work by incorporating a particle filter to robustly track the object in a challenging environment, and by developing an occlusion detection and handling scheme to continuously track the object in the presence of occlusions. In particular, we focus on partial occlusions that prevent the tracker from extracting an exact region properties of the object, which plays a pivotal role for region-based tracking methods in maintaining the track.  Experimental results demonstrate the practical applicability and robustness of the proposed method in several challenging scenarios.